Jessica Huang

The benevolent visitations or hauntings from my ancestors, those are things that I feel like I have a familiarity with. In my world view there is a place for ghostly presences.

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I love theatrical experiences that harness imagination to provoke mass empathy and incite riots.

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Being a writer is being a listener. Being a writer is gathering information and looking into the future. Opening. Dreaming. Imagining other worlds and ways our world can be otherwise. It is story—and story is possibility and strangeness and logic and what we say and what we think and how we behave and it is the lens through which I view everything.

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Work hard and know that you have the right to “be” and “do” whatever is authentic to you. There are no rules.

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The past and present flow freely, intermingling and colliding in unexpected ways. A friend of Huang’s called her aesthetic “slip-stream,” where characters are likely to slip into another reality, be it horror or sci fi or fantasy, and perhaps, slip back out again.

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As multiracial identities become more and more prevalent in the United States, playwright Jessica Huang hopes other hapa people will see the play and realize that, while they might feel marginalized by other races, they have a culture to call their own.

Play means to help people of mixed race find sense of belonging  /

Purple Cloud is a magical play about mixed identities  /